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How do STI Tests Work?

People often talk about “getting tested for STIs” (sexually transmitted infections, also known as STD’s, sexually transmitted diseases). We ask partners if they’ve been “tested” and ask health care providers…

Doctor talks about at home STI testing at a table with a binx box on it.
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Types of STI Tests: Dr. Heller Explains Sample Collection

To learn more about the types of STI tests, check out our blog, How Do STI Tests Work.

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Where, When, And Why You Should be Tested for STIs

You know what sexually transmitted infections are (STIs, also known as sexually transmitted diseases, STDs), you know you should be tested, but you still have more questions. Relax – you’re…

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How do you know if you have an STI?

Everybody having any type of sex has a chance of getting an STI. There are lots of steps that we can take to try to avoid them, but the fact…

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Guide to STI Window Periods: when should I get tested?

The condom broke, or slipped off, or maybe you had oral sex without protection, and now you’re scared you’ve gotten an STI. The prevalence of these sticky situations is what…