FDA grants binx health CLIA-Waiver for its first-of-kind binx io platform for chlamydia and gonorrhea testing

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5 Steps Towards Sexual Health

To celebrate World Sexual Health Month 2019 we’re bringing you a 5-step guide to improving your sexual health. With the start of fall and the new school year in full…

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The Inside Scoop on Internal Condoms

The Basics: Who: Internal condoms can be used by anyone engaging in penetrative sex, specifically those engaging in receptive penetrative sex. What: The FC2 condom, the only FDA approved internal…

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HPV: the STI that most people get without knowing

Reality check: about 80% of sexually active people will contract HPV in their lifetime, and most won’t know they have it.  But don’t freak out – 90% of HPV cases…

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Can My Birth Control Protect me from STDs?

That depends on what type of birth control you’re using!   Like many things in life, being sexually active can carry risk: emotional vulnerability, unintended pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections…

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Does vaginal douching protect you from STDs?

When it comes to avoiding infection, health care professionals consistently recommend regular washing. It follows then, that regular vaginal douching would be a healthy practice, right? Wrong. Most doctors recommend…

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How do you know if you have an STI?

Everybody having any type of sex has a chance of getting an STI. There are lots of steps that we can take to try to avoid them, but the fact…

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How to Manage, Prevent and Treat STIs

Looking for convenient, discreet, at-home STI Testing? Take our simple quiz to find the right test for you. While there are many different ways we can change our behavior to…

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What is PrEP and Who is it For?

Word on the street is that there’s a little pill you can take every day to protect yourself from ever getting HIV. But that’s crazy, right? What’s actually crazy is…