Amid surge in sexually transmitted infections nationally, an agreement between binx and Afaxys provides thousands of community and public health clinics across the U.S. affordable access to binx point-of-care and digital health offerings

binx health, a healthcare technology and diagnostics company focused on making routine testing convenient, today announced a strategic agreement with Afaxys Group Services LLC to expand access to sexual health and wellness testing nationally through their Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Under the agreement, binx will offer its FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived point-of-care test for chlamydia (CT) and gonorrhea (NG) and its at-home digital health platform to thousands of clinics across the United States, under a preferred pricing model with joint marketing outreach among Afaxys and binx.

“Our mission is to make access to critical sexual and reproductive healthcare affordable and accessible to providers and their patients that rely on public health,” said Angela Hensel, Executive Director, Afaxys Group Services. “Collaborating with binx gives our GPO members and the patients they serve access to onsite testing services or remote collection options, both of which may help lower the barriers to testing and combat the surge in sexually transmitted infections (STIs). With this agreement, we will be able to help more patients receive the tests they need in a way that works best for them.”

“We applaud the important work of Afaxys and its member clinics in furthering healthcare access and are thrilled to join their GPO network,” said Jeffrey Luber, Chief Executive Officer of binx health. “We are eager to work with the Afaxys GPO in a collaborative and coordinated effort to expand access to STI testing at both the point-of-care and the point-of-concern. Together we hope to improve the health of women, men, and entire communities across the United States.”

binx currently collaborates with Afaxys and their GPO members, including leading universities, community health clinics, and state departments of public health to expand access to STI testing with its omnichannel platform that extends from clinic to home—the only company of its kind reaching patients in the locations and in the ways most convenient for them (in clinic, at home, in dorm, in retail settings, etc.). The binx io is the first and only FDA-Cleared, CLIA-Waived platform that can deliver rapid, central-lab quality diagnostic testing results for CT and NG for both males and females in about 30 minutes. binx everywhere is a physician-mediated digital platform and logistics solution that enables a patient to conveniently self-collect a sample discreetly for analysis from a network of partner laboratories and clinical follow-up if necessary. binx everywhere supports a variety of STI panels, including HIV, and provides capabilities to support pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication protocols.

Recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics indicate that in the United States between 2014 and 2018 chlamydia cases increased by 19% and gonorrhea cases by 63% [1]. If left undetected and untreated, these diseases can result in serious and irreversible health consequences, including infertility [2] . CDC officials recently issued a national call to action to reduce the stigma surrounding STIs, broaden screening and treatment services, and support the accessibility of self-sample collection kits for STIs [3].

The CDC has declared STIs a public health epidemic[4] and recommends routine testing for chlamydia (CT) and gonorrhea (NG) for all women ages 15-24, including at-risk pregnant women [5]. Planned Parenthood alone administered more than 4.45 million STI tests and treatments in 2020 and 2021, accounting for more than half of its total healthcare service delivery [6]. Together, binx and Afaxys GPO members, including public health departments and community health centers, all play critical roles in STI prevention, diagnosis, and treatment by reaching millions of people at risk, particularly women in underserved communities.

About binx health

binx is a healthcare technology and women’s healthcare company that is leading the way to accessible routine testing by partnering with primary care, public health, retail health, universities, and leaders in HIV prevention and sexual health to reach underserved populations and impede the spread of sexually transmitted infections. The Company’s omnichannel platform is the only healthcare delivery model designed to reach people in-clinic and at-home with novel access modalities focused on the patient. binx is paving the way to improve population health issues at scale in partnership with those on the front lines of care. The Company’s dual-care offerings include the binx io, the first ever FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived, point-of-care chlamydia and gonorrhea test for males and females providing central lab performance results in about thirty minutes, and binx everywhere, a physician-mediated, secure, and highly configurable technology platform that integrates self-collection with high-quality laboratory testing and follow-up. binx’s proprietary platforms enable organizations to broaden access to care, promote health equity, and connect all key stakeholders of healthcare delivery in a seamless, evidenced-based manner that engenders consumer delight.

For more information, visit www.binx.com.

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binx everywhere may not be available in all geographies outside of the US.