Atlas Genetics, a pioneer in near-patient testing solutions, has been renamed binx health, and has aligned with additional healthcare pioneers as it redefines new categories of convenient testing where people live, work and shop.

“Reaching tens of millions of people globally with convenient solutions for routine care, requires evidence-based tools in digital health and rapid-PCR desktop instruments,” said Jeffrey Luber, Chief Executive Officer of binx health. “According to the CDC, rates of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) continue to rise, underscoring the need for better answers. At binx health, we intend to redefine care with world-class practitioners at our side and a mission to bring appropriately tailored and clinically-supported answers to millions. Today is an important milestone in our journey, and we could not be more excited for what comes next.”

The Company’s proprietary desktop point-of-care platform is designed to perform rapid and accurate PCR detection and provide a result in about 30 minutes. The platform is currently in a clinical study to obtain FDA clearance for chlamydia and gonorrhea, among the most prevalent STIs globally. The Company is also launching mobile and digital solutions for at-home testing in order to broaden patient access under the guidance of licensed physicians for thoughtful and responsible care delivery. Together, the Company’s point-of-care and digital health offerings will meet people where testing is most convenient for them whether at home, in the supermarket, at their retail pharmacy, or at a wellness fair at work.

The Company has also added industry pioneers and medical leaders in new roles on the Binx Health team.


Chairman of the Board Stan Lapidus, founder of EXACT Sciences (current market capitalization, $8.7B), and Cytyc Corp (sold to Hologic in 2007 for $6.2B), has been named Chairman of the Board of binx health. Lapidus serves as a director on a number of public and private companies. A seasoned innovator with more than 36 U.S. patents, he was an instructor at MIT and was elected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering in 2013 for his work on the early detection of cancer. Lapidus graduated from Cooper Union in New York City with a BS degree in electrical engineering.

“Stan’s ideas and inventions have given birth to some of our industry’s biggest successes and have changed the lives of millions,” said Luber. “He cares deeply about bringing essential care to broad populations through new delivery methods and to ensuring the highest integrity at every step of the process. His guidance and strategic vision will be central to our growth and continued expansion.”

Chief Medical Officer Howard Heller, MD, MPH, infectious disease expert, has been named Chief Medical Officer of binx health. Dr. Heller is renowned for his work in the areas of infectious disease control, HIV prevention and the study of sexually transmitted infections. In addition to his new role with binx, he directs infection control and prevention at MIT and provides clinical care at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Heller has practiced primary care for more than 20 years and also teaches patient care, infectious diseases and global health at Harvard Medical School and MIT.

“I am excited to join the binx team as Chief Medical Officer as we aim to revolutionize access to routine testing, starting with STIs. Improving the accessibility and convenience of evidence-based, clinically relevant testing will lead to more people getting screened and getting screened sooner in a responsible and medically-appropriate way,” said Heller. “Since the early treatment of asymptomatic persons is the most effective way to prevent transmission of STIs to others, the potential impact on public health through binx health’s multiple platforms, in multiple important channels, is a significant advance in public health.”

Director of Medical Affairs Margaret Higham, MD, infectious disease expert, has been named Director of Medical Affairs for binx health. Dr. Higham also serves as Medical Director of the Student Health Service at Tufts University. With broad expertise in pediatric, adolescent and adult care, Dr. Higham brings a unique perspective to issues of sexual health and ensuring patients get the right test for them.

“Too often, tests are sold to people without appropriate context or direction, particularly online,” said Dr. Higham. “I was drawn to binx because of the unique promise of their point-of-care platform and also for the company’s unique commitment to evidence-based care whether in digital health or more traditional environments. I’m excited by the opportunity to contribute to the binx product suite and to help improve care for so many.”

About binx health binx health is creating new categories of healthcare solutions that deliver on-demand testing to people where they need it most. With its proprietary, desktop, PCR-based point-of-care testing platforms and consumer mobile offerings, the company is redefining “convenient care” for the modern consumer. binx is developing a suite of offerings that service healthcare needs where people live, work and shop. The Company’s io® platform is designed to offer rapid PCR-based results, up to 24-plex, from sample-in-to-answer in about 30 minutes, greatly accelerating today’s multiple day standard-of-care central lab testing paradigm. binx is driving solutions to take place in retail clinics, supermarkets, primary care offices, and at home. It does it through a suite of mobile and digital offerings. binx health investors includes financial investors, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Novartis Venture Fund, LSP Venture Capital, BB Biotech, RMI Investments and Technology Ventures Partners and strategic investors, Consort Medical (whose wholly owned subsidiary Bespak are the makers of the company’s low-cost, proprietary multi-plex cartridges) and China-based Wondfo Biotech.