The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many issues – including the need for convenient access to testing. Testing for COVID-19 remains a crucial component to keeping businesses running and can help individuals determine if they are infected with SARS-CoV-2. Access to testing, paired with preventative measures to prevent the spread of infection, remains an effective strategy for getting organizations back to work. We believe that expanded access to testing is vital due to limited appointment availability, long wait times for onsite testing and a test supply shortage.

COVID-19 Testing Programs Come to Your Organization

At binx health, our mission is to address these needs head-on. We have built a turnkey, mobile-friendly digital technology platform to enable end-to-end testing solutions by combining at-home sample collection with standard-of-care reference laboratory diagnostic testing that serves both organizations and the broader communities. We have distributed self-collection kits across the nation and in the UK and have partnered with a wide variety of organizations that have unique testing needs spanning employers, enterprises, education, universities, government, payers, and retailers.

The binx health digital platform is designed to help organizations and communities implement comprehensive and guideline-driven testing programs. Our platform connects diagnostic testing with accurate real-time information to help our clients make the best decisions to keep their communities safe. binx health helps track and manage test results to assist our clients in their efforts to effectively manage outbreaks. Our digital platform also offers organizations tools to support compliance with changing government regulations.

With binx health, samples can be collected in a range of locations from homes to places of work using our at-home nasal swab COVID-19 sample collection kit*. Results are received 12-24 hours from receipt by our third-party partner reference laboratories. This enables population-wide rollout and timely information to assist in the control of viral spread. We help you keep your workforce safe and assist you in managing your return-to-work programs.

Get Started Today

Getting people tested regularly so you can monitor positivity rates among your populations and keep people safe is important to mitigating the spread of COVID-19. We can help you meet this need. Let our experienced team help you build a COVID-19 testing program that works for your organization and community. Contact us today to get started.

*binx health At-home Nasal Swab COVID-19 Sample Collection Kit EUA Summary