The Biden Administration’s announcement of OSHA’s COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) guidelines came out in November 2021 and few could have discerned that the program would attempt to go into effect during a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the United States due to the Omicron variant. Although the Supreme Court ruled against the OSHA measure to enforce vaccination or testing protocols in large businesses on January 13th, OSHA later made a statement on January 26th that despite the lack of enforcement they still suggest vaccination and testing. There remains a major demand for on-site testing protocols, like the workplace, to prevent the spread of the virus and promote safety in the workplace.

We believe that businesses are competing with increased demand for testing from individuals, government, schools, hospitals, and other testing centers in the wake of Omicron, making it difficult for businesses to find the tests they want to support both the vaccinated and unvaccinated working populations. Since the surge began at the beginning of 2022, in states like Ohio and New Hampshire where high volumes of free tests have been offered to residents, tests are still flying off the shelves faster than stores can restock them. Rapid tests are particularly difficult to find at local drugstores in many locations, and in certain communities even PCR tests are experiencing delayed results due to lack of supply. In January of 2022, the Biden Administration initiated a program to provide American families up to four free at-home rapid COVID-19 test kits per household, in the hopes of addressing concerns regarding the accessibility of testing. Private insurance companies have additionally been required to cover COVID-19 testing in an effort to expand accessibility.

With regards to the current testing trends in the US, waiting rooms, walk-in clinics, and drive-through testing sites have all been oversaturated with patients looking to test, which leads to long lines, even longer wait times on results, and a higher overall risk of spreading COVID-19.

binx health is here to help.

We can bring our expertise in working alongside large enterprises, such as state departments of health and universities, to the workplace with at-home sample collection kits for PCR-based lab testing and access to Rapid Antigen Tests. Individuals can test safely and easily in the comfort of home or at the office without long wait times or the risk of catching or spreading the virus. binx health can implement end-to-end, turnkey testing programs that include reporting results to local health agencies, and supporting contact tracing efforts. Additionally, binx health can help design appropriate testing programs to comply with state or federal guidelines as needed. We are ready to manage your COVID-19 testing program so you can get back to running your business.