We know you know

getting tested is important

But did you know that there were 1.7 million cases of chlamydia, 555,608 cases of gonorrhea, and 30,644 cases of syphilis in the U.S. in 2017?

And did you know that anyone who has sex is at risk, but the most affected groups are young people aged 15-24, gay & bisexual men, and pregnant women?

Did you know that if left untreated, some STIs can cause:

  • Increased risk of giving or getting HIV
  • Long-term pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Inability to get pregnant or pregnancy complications
  • Cancer
The craziest thing?

Most people who have STIs don’t know it because many infections don’t have any symptoms or can take years to develop symptoms.

The good news?

Even though STIs are on the rise, many are curable and all are treatable.

What else should I know?

  • Gonorrhea can cause infection in the throat, genitals, or rectum
  • The majority of cases of chlamydia don’t have any symptoms
  • Trichomoniasis can cause vaginal infection in women
  • Most people with herpes simplex 2 infection don’t know it, but they still can spread the infection
  • Women are more likely to contract an STI than men
  • Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STI

STI quick facts

STI How they can be transmitted How long it takes to test positive after exposure Curable?
Gonorrhea Oral, vaginal, or anal sex Usually within 10 days of exposure Curable
Chlamydia Oral, vaginal, or anal sex 7-14 days Curable
Trichomoniasis Vaginal sex 4-28 days Curable
Herpes Type II Touching, or oral, vaginal, or anal sex 2-12 days Treatable
HIV Vaginal or anal sex 2-4 weeks Treatable
Hepatitis C Blood contact and usually not sexually—unless there is blood exposure during sex 3 months Usually curable
Syphilis Oral, vaginal, or anal sex Typically about 21 days, but it can be anywhere from 10-90 days Curable

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Support and hotlines

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

STD hotline: 800-232-4636

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STD hotline: 800-277-8922

American Herpes Foundation

Herpes hotline: 919-361-8488