First FDA-cleared 30 minute molecular point-of-care platform for detection of chlamydia and gonorrhea in women

The io platform

Fast and accurate test-and-treat in a single visit.

The binx io platform — a first of its kind — includes the easy to use io instrument, test-specific, disposable cartridges which provide actionable, multiplex test results, equivalent to central laboratory analyzers, in about 30 minutes.

The io system is a true platform technology capable of detecting a broad range of infectious diseases. Our initial focus is in the area of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), where there is a clear clinical need for rapid, on-demand testing to expedite appropriate treatment, improve patient care, and reduce onward transmission of infection.


A true “test and treat” solution, enabling immediate treatment of positive patients with the appropriate therapy, to improve compliance, to reduce onward transmission, to lower the risk of treatment failure and further complications, and to improve antibiotic stewardship.


Delivers molecular accuracy equivalent to central laboratory analyzers in about 30 minutes while providing healthcare professionals with actionable test results.

Fully Automated

No sample processing, quick set-up and walkaway operation minimizes the burden on healthcare staff. Provides results that are clear and unambiguous.

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A test and treat solution

Healthcare professionals are under increasing financial pressures and are constantly striving to improve efficiency while maintaining a patient-centered approach to care.

The binx io platform is a rapid and accurate molecular diagnostic platform for the detection of infectious diseases, such as STIs, where an actionable test result delivered at the point-of-care can significantly improve patient outcomes by enabling a test and treat solution, avoiding delays in treatment and the need for unnecessary follow-up appointments.

Technology and test process

The io system utilizes binx health proprietary electrochemical detection technology which offers multiplexing capacity, without many of the issues associated with optical detection technologies, to provide a low cost, durable instrument that requires no maintenance or calibration.


How does it work?

The test process consists of a number of steps that occur onboard the io cartridge under complete io instrument control. The instrument transports the sample around the cartridge using pneumatics. All reagents required to perform the test are located on the cartridge as either contained liquid reagents or as dried reagents deposited into the appropriate area of the cartridge.

These are reconstituted as the sample enters the area containing the deposited reagent. Following completion of the test process, the io cartridge is permanently sealed automatically by the io instrument to eliminate contamination and enable safe disposal. An internal process control is designed to verify every test result, delivering trusted results.

*io®, the io Instrument®, and the io Cartridge® (together the “io Diagnostic System®”) are registered trademarks of binx health limited.