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We improve sexual health and wellness through new delivery methods that prioritize clinical integrity and consumer convenience. Our solutions break down screening barriers through discreet patient-tailored individualized digital approaches that complement traditional brick-and-mortar care. We provide a first of its kind, comprehensive digital program that includes evidence-based testing, counseling, treatment, and follow up in order to increase screening and reduce infections.

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For individuals

Chat with our online counselors at any point before, during, or after you take your test. Click here to start the conversation.

Or, reach out to us via email with any questions, concerns, or feedback. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Email us at info@mybinxhealth.

For clinicians

We are developing first-of-its-kind clinical point-of-care diagnostics to offer rapid, test-and-treat for infectious diseases in about 30 minutes.

Reach out to us today at info@mybinxhealth.com to learn more about our product candidates.

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